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ID Document type Title Publication date
2017/01053 Knowledge Document AEA Technology pensions dossier 14 July 2017
2017/00770 Submission Prospect Response to DWP Green Paper - Defined benefit pension schemes: security and sustainability 12 May 2017
2017/00693 Knowledge Document BTRSS Medical Retirement Provisions 26 April 2017
2017/00318 Submission Prospect Response to HM Treasury Consultation on Reducing the Money Purchase Annual Allowance 16 February 2017
2016/02348 Submission Response to 2017 Independent State Pension Age Review's Interim Report and Consultation 20 December 2016
2016/01484 Submission Prospect Submission to PLSA DB Taskforce's Call for Evidence 15 July 2016
2016/01318 Submission Prospect Response to DWP Consultation on the British Steel Pension Scheme 23 June 2016
2016/01084 Submission Prospect Response to Courts and Tribunals Judiciary Consultation - Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights in Employment Tribunals 18 May 2016
2016/01043 Submission Civil Service Compensation Scheme reform, Prospect's response to Cabinet Office consultation 06 May 2016
2016/01041 Submission Public sector exit payments: TUC response to government consultation 05 May 2016
2016/01023 Knowledge Document Intergenerational fairness, evidence to MPs 28 April 2016
2016/00996 Submission Impact of Lifetime ISA on automatic enrolment, submission to select committee 25 April 2016
2016/00412 Knowledge Document Budget/Autumn Statement pension policy costings 15 February 2016
2015/01302 Submission Response to Treasury consultation on pension transfers and early exit charges 23 October 2015
2013/01790 Attachment Welcome: Your Guide to Capita 23 December 2013
2013/01788 Attachment Capita Group Money Purchase Scheme 23 December 2013