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ID Document type Title Publication date
2012/01650 Submission CD243 HSE RIDDOR consultation - Prospect submission 29 October 2012
2015/01562 Knowledge Document The powers of the Competition and Markets Authority 01 December 2015
2017/01362 Submission Prospect submission to Ofgem RIIO2 consultation 11 September 2017
2018/00160 Submission Prospect submission to Ofgem MPR consultation 26 January 2018
2018/02156 Submission Joint union submission to Ofgem RIIO-2 framework consultation 01 April 2018
2018/01755 Knowledge Document Implications of Brexit for agriculture and the environment 08 October 2018
2019/01226 Submission Prospect submission to Building a safer future: proposals for reform of the building safety regulatory system 12 August 2019
2019/01352 Submission Prospect submission to BEIS/Ofgem retail energy market consultation 10 September 2019
2019/01373 Submission Prospect submission to BEIS on the capacity market consultation 11 September 2019