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2019/00648 Presentation Karina Murrell: the Met Police: a stress success story 12 April 2019
2019/00646 Presentation Neil Hope-Collins: that’s all very interesting, but what can I actually do? 11 April 2019
2019/00645 Presentation Andrew Walsh: Wellbeing at the BBC 11 April 2019
2019/00644 Presentation Aaron Curtis: Wellbeing in Air Traffic Control 11 April 2019
2019/00643 Presentation Peter Kelly: the spectre of mental ill health in work 11 April 2019
2019/00642 Presentation Dr Joanna Wilde: Addressing "mental injury" at work: Social identity, organisational justice and stress 11 April 2019
2018/01968 Agreement Fair Work Agreement with Scottish Government 13 November 2018
2013/01790 Attachment Welcome: Your Guide to Capita 23 December 2013